AJ D. Men Clothing & Accessories

The Challenge

AJ Delami is the owner of a men’s clothing and accessories company that wanted to improve its online sales, and for that reason they chose to try out Top One agency.

We started with a market research, then  launching an ad campaign to improve web traffic, conversions, and sales.

The Solution

We launched the ad campaign for Men’s Clothing & Accessories. With a budget of approximately $2,000, we optimize the campaign and we achieved an excellent conversion, at a cost of $0.2 per click, we achieved more than 24k of clicks with 30% conversions

Some Statistics

24.5 K of Clicks

7.02 K of Convertions

$0.23 Cost of Convertion

$1.66K of Cost

AJ Delami

“In just 3 months, we’ve been able to increase our ROI by 3 times. These guys are absolutely phenomenal. Thanks TopOne!”

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