Attracting “New Patients” Is not Enough Anymore.

We Need To Attract The “Right Patients” & Specific High-Dollar Cases.

When It Comes To Smart Way To Grow Your Dental Practice…
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Based on years of historical Facebook Ads data and our hands-on work with practice growth, we have developed tested and proven strategies that will consistently bring in the ideal case type.

This Approach allows us to understand the patient’s mindset during the entire sales cycle, whether they’re symptomatic, just researching, price shopping, or looking for 2nd opinions.

At TopOne, we go for specifically target patients based on their symptoms and patients who are in the research phase looking for the best, not just the cheapest.


How we can help you
grow your Dental Practice
by 240% in Revenue!

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Currently handling over $650,000 clientele Budget &
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